The Oldies / Motown Dance Band

Mike Larkin - Vocals

Mike grew up in Hershey, PA in the soul music era and sang with a group called Crossfire for 5 years. Then Mike sang with the group Special Friends for 14 years. Mike is definitely an old school crooner and spends many afternoons singing at retirement homes. And now because of his love of doowop and motown, he's really enjoying singing with Reminisce.


Gordie Geesey -    Vocals

Gordie grew up listening to oldies throughout his childhood and continued listening to those sounds until his teenage days.  He enjoyed singing since he was a young kid and even performed at some of the carnivals in the area.  Gordie sang in Junior High school choir and got together with his first group called Ways and Means who did a variety of music from oldies to Motown to Rock and Roll and the top 50. Then Gordie started to sing in another group called Past Blast and Co in the 80's doing mostly oldies, top 100 and some Rock and Roll. Gordie's next group was his all time favorite when he got with a group called Pastime. This group performed without music and was the old street corner Doo Wop music that it seemed everybody loved at the time. Pastime was together for over 20 years and performed in just about every area Pennsylvania. Pastime also performed in Atlantic City, NJ and Maryland. Pastime recorded 3 CD's that Gordie is very proud of. I guess you could say Gordie has been stuck in the 50's his whole life but that music will always stay in his heart and he will continue to enjoy it till the day he is gone. 


Rich Shroy   -   Vocals

Rich grew up in Steelton, PA listening to Doo-wop and Motown music.  He first started singing in school and church choir.   His two passions were singing and athletics, and being a good athlete took preference for years. He played baseball and Semi-Pro football into his mid 30's.  But during that time music was still a big part of his life. He now has a chance to do what he wanted to do for a long time, and that is to SING.


Marianne Benedict Ioppolo   -   Vocals

Marianne has, as long as she can remember, loved to sing.  Although she was very shy and didn't audition well she managed to secure a place and participate in chorus and concert choir as a young girl.

As life moved on, Marianne sang daily but only to her children, in the church choir and of course in her car.

Marianne was in her 30's when she happened upon "Karaoke". It was a slow and painful process but her confidence grew.

She spent about 10 years learning and developing who she was, singing with two friends in a group called Rumors. The band played many genres of music in the York/Lancaster area.

When Rumors disbanded she formed a variety group called Generations and a few years after that began singing with a classic rock variety band called BitterSweet.

Shortly after that, she joined the Looney 2uNz Band performing in the Harrisburg area for quite some time, but parted ways when she moved quite far out of the area. 

Reminisce, looking to add a female singer, found the perfect match with Marianne and she is thrilled to be part of their music family.

"This band is like no other.  The harmonies are amazing and they love what they do!  If you have never seen this group perform trust me when I say you should make it a priority. They are amazing!   You will not be disappointed."

Marianne welcomes this new chapter in her singing career and is proud and thankful to begin this new venture!


Homer     -    Guitar

Homer started out as a “wanna be" keyboard player with an old Silvertone Chord Organ after hearing the first Santana album around 1970, but switched to guitar a few years later when he couldn’t afford a real keyboard. Homer is mostly self-taught by listening to Classic 60’s & 70’s Rock/Soul records, which presented its own set of obstacles since his dad wasn’t what you would call very supportive of his musical endeavor; though he did assist Homer in building his first guitar amp. Homer has always gravitated towards music that had a soulful groove that would make him want to move, and these days Homer listens to a lot of smooth jazz, and improvisational bands such as The Crusaders, Lettuce, Soulive, Govt Mule and Phish. Homer still doesn't know what he's doing with these guys….LOL. But he's grateful to all the musicians who took the time out their day to make him a better player; RIP Chilly.


Joe Kuhns    -    Bass

Joe's love and passion for music and performing started as a very young teenager.   Along with a few friends Joe
formed a vocal Doo Wop group.  They rehearsed in his basement.  They did lip-syncing and performed 
songs of the early 1960s for schoolmates and friends.  One day his father suggested, "Why not take 
lessons and learn to play an instrument?"  So Joe decided to take guitar lessons like some of his idols 
including Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and the Everly Brothers to name a few.  In the early 1960s, after 
some lessons, he formed his first band.  This was with some schoolmates which evolved into a band called 
"The Del Chontays".   After a few years Joe switched from playing guitar to playing bass and has played 
bass with many local bands performing many genres of music.  These included the bands Kitchen Sink, 
April Reign, City Groove and now the Reminisce.


Ron Hoerner   -  Keyboard/Vocals

Ron's first experience playing in a band was in 1968 with the Del Chontays.  That was 48 years ago and he's
been playing ever since.  His love of music started way back in elementary school, with chorus and band.  
Then it was on to church choir where he learned to hear and sing harmonies.  From the Del Chontays it 
was The Blue Reasoning, Autumn, Kitchen Sink, April Reign and then a long run with an acappella 
doowop group called Pastime.  He still has a passion for old soul music.  And although Ron enjoys singing lead 
vocals his true love is singing background harmony.


 Al Wojciechowski  - Drums

Seems I have been into music my whole life. He's been drumming since he was three years old in Shamokin, PA and played professionally at 14.  His first exposure to playing live was in the polka field. Later Al gravitated to oldies, swing, rhythm and blues, rock 'n roll, and country (Sure Gold, Saxy Band, Stanky and the Coal Miners, Johnny O Such The Good Sounds, King Brothers, North Mtn. Ramblers, Old School). All the while, providing sound and lighting for various bands. Al has Played at venues in New York state, Chicago, Florida, and up and down the east coast.

Al is enjoying the


 with band members and the audience.  

Now 46 years later, he's still drumming and doing sound.


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